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The Motor-Mouth: one of the 52 types of difficult people I’ve documented.

Hi, I’m Mark McPherson. Every week for 52 weeks I post a blog about of one of my 52 types of poorly behaved and difficult people. This week, it’s about Type 11: The Motor-Mouth.

#11. The Motor-Mouth. 

The Motor-Mouth is someone who talks and talks and talks. They’re a blabbermouth and a chatterbox. And all we want is for them to stop.

They talk for an awful long time about ….

well … just about almost anything. Sometimes it’s all about them – what they’ve done, where they’ve been, what they think about such and such, who they met and what they’re going to do later. But a lot of the time they’re not that self-absorbed.

Sometimes it’s just because they’re excited. Sometimes it’s because they’re nervous. Sometimes they think we’re really interested in what they’ve got to say. And sometimes they’ve just got all this stuff bottled up inside them and they want to get it out, and perhaps they need to.

And last but not least, perhaps it’s just the way their brain works. Perhaps it’s got more to do with them being an extrovert or whatever and less to do with them simply enjoying the sound of their own voice.

But having said that, two things are certain.

First, we’ll rarely know the real reason for their annoying prattle. And it can be dangerous past time trying to work out why.

And second, if they’re chewing our ears off and there’s a little voice inside our head saying “Please, please just shut up.” then we need to do something. We need to either sit there and let it wash over us or do something about it.

So we might need to, just for example, accommodate their needs, do something to lessen our pain or let them know what they’re doing and why it’s a problem for us. (And if you want to talk about how to do these things and others, let’s have a chat.)

Anyway, that’s enough from me on this topic. But just before you go, here’s a quick video of me with a few words about the Motor-Mouth. It’s pretty short. Enjoy.

Until next time, all the very best.



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