Learn how to design and deliver presentations that inform, inspire and influence.

Do you ever have to

  • Give a report at a staff meeting?
  • Deliver a presentation at a seminar or workshop?
  • Deliver a paper at a conference?
  • Speak at an AGM? or
  • Give a speech at a wedding?

Well if you do, you’ve come to the right place. Mark specialises in helping individuals and teams design and deliver presentations which inform, inspire and more importantly, influence.

Mark has over 40 years experience

Mark has been in the public speaking and presenting game for most of his life. Every job he’s had, required him to do a lot of it. It means he’s presented to small and large groups on a wide range of topics in all sorts of venues. He has, for example, presented to:

  • hospital cleaning staff at 2am three floors below ground, on the prevention of needle-stick injuries;
  • parents and guardians in an ‘exploring sexuality’ program;
  • truck drivers delivering aggregates to sites in Western Australia on how to deal with threats and abuse;
  • staff of Housing NSW on how to deal with difficult people – on ongoing basis for over six years;
  • Councillors at meetings across NSW on how best to deal with injecting drug use at community venues;
  • Council staff on how to deal with rude, nasty and belligerent behaviour;
  • delegates at conferences such as at the International Harm Reduction Conference in Belfast;
  • Police Officers attending the 7-day residential university-accredited course ‘Management of Alcohol Related Crime’ which he co-designed and delivered; and
  • Police and Health staff in Vietnam and China on the prevention of HIV/AIDS and how to stay safe when ‘patting down’ alleged offenders.

So, if you need a bit of help …

… maybe just a top up or a a few ideas, or maybe some serious help, talk to Mark.

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