Difficult Conversations Video Training

A Two-hour Education & Training Video Program Teaching How to Master Tough Conversations and Deal with Difficult People

Should You Enrol in This Course?

I get it. You’ve had plenty of tough conversations. And you’ve dealt with plenty of difficult people. And you’re pretty good at it.

But you like to keep learning. And you like to help others learn – your staff, your colleagues, and your friends and family.

Well, you’re in luck. I delivered a two-hour webinar on How to Master Tough Conversations and Deal with Difficult People. I recorded it and it’s available for immediate access.

It’s fast paced and you’ll leave with plenty of practical down-to-earth strategies you can immediately use – as soon as you walk out the door. Ones that have been tried and tested in the real world.

There are three tiers of access: For use by individuals; For use by up to 40 people; and For use by more than 40 people. Access is available for a whole year and you get a copy of the slides as well.

If you’d like to know more or if you need to raise a Purchase Order before you can get access, please send me an email.

“Mark has a natural talent for dealing with difficult people and having difficult conversations.”

Simon Van Wyk GAIDC – Digital Strategy Consultants


A Brief Look At What’s Covered In The Program

  • What we expect from people and the six main categories of Standards of Behaviour.
  • The seven types of Tough Conversations.
  • The 52 types of Difficult People and the three things all difficult people havein common.
  • The three codes of communication and the 11 essential visual skills.
  • How to instil Best Practice Behaviour through Gaining Clarity, Building Capacity and Establishing Convention.
  • How to Master Tough Conversations by Taking Control of the Conditions, the Scrips and the Deliveries.
  • How to Deal with Difficult People by Nailing the Violation, Tailoring the Strategies and Personalizing your Approach.
  • Why Guiding Principles are important.
  • The new world of Diplomatic Assertiveness.
  • The value of Real Life Scenarios, Real Life Rehearsals and Agent Provocateur Role-Plays.
  • How to use the FEA script and the FEWER script to state your case and get the person to do ‘the right thing’.
  • What most people get wrong when it comes to stating the facts.
  • How to use the ANATOMICAL script to give the information you need to give without being side-tracked.
  • How to use the SIDLI script and why everyone should know how to use it.
  • The value of Assertive Instant Messages and when and when not to use them.
  • An advanced technique for responding to criticism and to put-downs.
  • How to take a break without losing face.
  • 21 strategies for dealing with difficult people.
  • How to create Standards of Behaviour to fit your work, home or community group.
  • How to ‘get good’ and gain confidence.
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The course is for anyone who wants more harmony at work and home (Note: we’re not psychologists).

No. Your results will depend on you implementing what you learn.

If you notify us 72 hours before the event, we will refund 100%.

No. Your results will depend on you implementing what you learn.