About Mark

Let us help you sort out your people problems. So your business can thrive and flourish.

Who is Mark McPherson?

Mark has over 45 years of experience handling Tough Conversations with people. Whether inside organizations or on the front line with customers and clients, he is well-equipped to handle most ‘people problems’.

But more than this, he’s also helped others handle difficult conversations and improve workplace harmony.

He’s been a team member, team leader and manager. He has worked on the front line and behind the scenes.

He is also a highly skilled educator, trainer and coach.

Mark has worked in hospitals, with Police, Housing and Local Government, frontline staff, and those behind the scenes.

Mark is focused on leaving staff at all levels with realistic, down-to-earth strategies they can immediately use. Indeed, he is committed to tailoring the strategies to your specific needs.

Leaving staff with high-level skills to make an impact in the real world is always a priority for Mark.

His formal qualifications are in Science, Health, Education and Psychology.

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Mark’s Process

Mark Doesn’t Record Conversations.

Unless you specifically ask for it.

Bespoke Material For You.

Mark has plenty of pre-formatted material that can be used as a framework. But he will produce bespoke/customised material for your specific situation.  

Speak Your Mind.

When you talk to Mark, you can speak your mind because it is entirely confidential. Mark is used to hearing successes and achievements, as well as disappointments. And he has heard some terrible stories, so you certainly won’t shock him.

Extensive Skills From Working At the Coalface.

Mark has been there and done that. He has worked on the front line and behind the scenes. He has managed staff in the office, across the state, and remotely.

A Word From Mark

If I work with you, my initial goal will be to discover your main issues.

Suppose you’re running a business. You’ve got office staff, sales staff, field workers, and truck drivers.

Sometimes, there are friction points between internal and external staff and customer-facing staff.

So I will want to know:

  • Your Expectations. If you’re unclear, I can help you with that.
  • How People Are Behaving Now. For example, Julie is abrasive to customers.

From there, we’ll help you formulate a plan to:

  • How to Make it Part of the Culture. This is the way we do things. – civil, help each other out.
  • Help Staff Do It. Some staff don’t know how to behave.

Or perhaps you work as a manager for a local council. You’ve got outdoor staff who deal with people (pool lifeguards, pool maintenance, etc.). You’ve also got the library staff, front-line staff, those who deal with development applications, etc.

Most people are compliant and easy to get along with, but some aren’t. They’re demanding, rude, and occasionally abusive. Nevertheless, your staff’s job is to placate people. But there are limits….

They shouldn’t deal with racist or other types of abusive behaviour. So, how much do you need to put up with before pushing back?

I can help you cope with and handle difficult people to behave better and, when needed, use my Diplomatically Assertive framework to get the job done.

Bespoke Solutions to Intractable Problems

I want to work with your staff to give them something useful when they leave a session.

So it does not make sense to tell someone, “This is how you deal with someone in the office”, when the people in the room are working on the swimming pool.

They must tell the parents, “Hey, your kids are dive-bombing in the pool. Can you calm them down a bit? “

The main thing is to tailor each session to the people in the room – not just the content but also how I talk and interact with participants.

We talk differently when wearing suits and ties than when wearing balloon singlets.

I don’t just drag stuff off the shelf and train you.

I’ve Got 1,000 Case Studies, But…..

All my case studies and scenarios are for different people in different work situations. But if I work with you, I won’t use them – I’ll use real-life scenarios.

It’s harder this way because I’ve never seen you before and must build a profile based on your unique circumstances. It’s easier for me to share my case studies.

So, if I work with you, everything I do is relevant and meaningful; your people will walk away with something they can use.

The point is that I have plenty of stuff. But I will work with you to determine your particular issues.

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How Mark Works With People

When Staff Are Engaged and Productive

Problems are solved, resistance dissolves, and blockages cease to exist. It happens when staff are fully aligned and (more or less) singing from the same song sheet.

But Sometimes Things Don’t Go According to Plan

Cohesive teams can fracture, and harmony might unravel.

It can impact one or more of these areas:

  • It hurts the business overall.
  • It creates friction and distrust amongst work colleagues.
  • It affects customers – they sense that something is not quite right.
  • It affects lenders and shareholders.
  • It may impact the wider community.

This is why it’s vital to nip any problems in the bud – before they get out of hand.

Have a confidential chat with Mark – he is happy to help.