Speak up and say what needs to be said

Speaking up is one thing. Having people listen is another.

Sometimes it’s best to say nothing

Have you ever been somewhere and had something to say but didn’t say it? If you’re like most people, you have – and probably many times.

Sometimes it was because it was simply the smart thing to do. You had something to say but you knew it was best not to say it. Even if you said it incredibly well, it probably wouldn’t have done much good – in fact, it might have even done a bit of harm. So you sat there and let it slide. But sometimes you’ve said nothing for a different reason.

Sometimes we’re not sure how to say it

Many of us have wanted to speak up and say something but didn’t know how best to say it. We didn’t know how to put our ideas together and deliver them so people would listen and be open to our ideas and really think about them. And in cases where the issue was a bit delicate or sensitive, how to make sure we didn’t upset anyone.

So although we had a worthwhile contribution to make, we said nothing. Instead, we sat there biting our tongue and perhaps even berating ourself for not stepping up to the plate.

What we want to be able to do, is to speak up when we feel it’s a good thing to do – and in a way which gets people’s attention, and gets them to take note.

Sometimes, we fail to hit the mark

There are also those occasions when we speak up but we fail to hit home. Yes, we might’ve said what we wanted to say. Yes, people might’ve listened. But the simply reality is we didn’t make the impact we wanted. And the sad news is, we often don’t know until much later.

What we all need is a plan of attack – one we can use when we’re put on the spot as well as one we can use when we have time to think. We need a way of organising our thoughts and adding the right amount of oomph. And a way of delivering our ideas so people take note, become engaged and walk away being clear about the point we were making. We need to be assertive when we need to but at the same time be a little diplomatic. And this is where Mark comes in.

There’s a solution and here it is

Mark can help you develop a set of strategies to help you speak up and say what needs to be said. And he can help you develop a set of Personal Conversation Scripts to suit your particular needs. And Mark can help you develop a set of personalised interpersonal communication skills so you can deliver your preferred strategies in the real world where it counts.

Mark can help you develop your ability to structure what you want to say and then use the right words to say it. He can help you develop your ability to use the four C’s of your voice – Character, Clarity, Continuity and Colour. And he can help develop your ability to use the visual code so you know what to do – with your head, hands, and body of our deliver – and what to look like when you speak.

How I Help You To Speak Up And Be More Assertiveness

A short overview of how I help you speak and say what needs to be said.

When Staff Are Engaged and Productive

Problems are solved, resistance dissolves, and blockages cease to exist. It happens when staff are fully aligned and (more or less) singing from the same song sheet.

But Sometimes Things Don’t Go According to Plan

Cohesive teams can fracture, and harmony might unravel.

It can impact one or more of these areas:

  • It hurts the business overall.
  • It creates friction and distrust amongst work colleagues.
  • It affects customers – they sense that something is not quite right.
  • It affects lenders and shareholders.
  • It may impact the wider community.

This is why it’s vital to nip any problems in the bud – before they get out of hand.

Have a confidential chat with Mark – he is happy to help.