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Mark helps CEOs, business owners, managers, consultants and their staff, develop outstanding people skills and outstanding interpersonal communication skills – particularly those required to build and maintain relationships and for dealing with difficult, challenging and unsettling conversations and interactions, and for dealing with poor behaviour and difficult people. He helps you:

Create environments where people work together in harmony and communicate and interact in the best possible way.

All we really want is for people to come to work, do their job well, deliver good customer service, get on with others and work as a team. In short, to put their best foot forward. But sadly, some people aren’t good at it. So to help get them where we want them to be, Mark has developed the three-pronged system called Best Practice Behaviour.

Speak up and say what needs to be said with the art of diplomatic assertiveness.

How to combine diplomacy with assertiveness, and combine the verbal, vocal and visual codes so you’re heard and respected people and people take note and act.

Talk to someone about a delicate and sensitive issue and get the best possible result for all concerned.

How to talk about an issue which is likely to be stressful and upsetting – for you as well as the other person. Issues such as bad news, poor work performance or even personal hygiene.

Handle conversations with people who, just for starters, interrupt, go off on tangents and are difficult to keep on track.

How to start and how to finish, remain focussed, acknowledge concerns, avoid side-tracks, sum up, be clear about ‘where to from here’ and in case your go down the wrong path, how to get yourself back on track.

Manage a performance review and get the change you’re after.

How to prepare, document, be clear and concise, stay cool, calm and collected, be objective (what it is and what it isn’t), debrief, destress and get the change you’re after.

Deliver great customer service even when the going gets tough.

How to look good, deliver great service, remain cool under pressure, know what’s important and what isn’t, be firm but tactful, handle complaints and be impeccable.

Say ‘no’ to inappropriate comments, innuendos and harassment and make it stick.

How to say ‘no’, make it clear what’s appropriate and what’s not, state your case, give examples without getting into trouble, and be beyond reproach.

Put an end to poor behaviour and make sure it’s not repeated.

How to deal with ‘not following the rules or policy’, sarcasm, bullying, inappropriate comments and just plain bad manners, rudeness, sexism, racism, …

Deal with difficult people and do it effectively, efficiently and ethically.

How to deal with, handle and manage people who interrupt, talk over you, break commitments, put you down, belittle, bully, are demanding, are belligerent, and much more

Mark gives you realistic, down-to-earth practical strategies based on the principle of Diplomatic Assertiveness and helps you develop your own set of of Personal Conversation Scripts tailored to your specific needs.

And when when it comes to skill development, he doesn’t waste your time with old-style role-plays. Mark uses the advanced behaviour-rehearsal technique Agent-Provocateur Role-Plays and it’s larger cousin Real Life Rehearsals.

Plus, Mark helps you:

Design and deliver presentations that inform, inspire & influence.

Do you have to give presentations as part of your job? Do you have to speak at an AGM, a staff meeting, a workshop, a ‘show and tell’, a conference or a wedding? Mark provides both public and in-house programs to help you develop the strategies and skills you need to deliver great presentations – ones that inform, inspire and influence.

Design and deliver role-plays that work.

Mark moved on from traditional types of role-plays a long time ago. He moved onto Agent-Provocateur Role-Plays and it’s big cousin Real Life Rehearsals. It was because they give us what we want – real learning for the real world not just the classroom. He helps teachers, trainers and other educators use them for the simple reason they work.

Relax knowing your event is being conducted by an experienced facilitator, chairperson, host and rapporteur.

Do you need someone who can keep your meeting on track, on time and on target? Someone with plenty of tricks up their sleeve to help a group work together to produce a great set of ideas, a way forward or a business plan without resorting to old fashioned ’brainstorms’? Mark is an experienced, engaging and entertaining MC, host, facilitator and rapporteur. Find out more.

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