Have staff showcase Best Practice Behaviour.

Master Tough Conversations.

Stop Bad Behaviour and Deal with Difficult People.

Help staff showcase Best Practice Behaviour

Have you noticed how the world’s getting more and more complex? Have you noticed how we’re communicating with more and more people? And in more and more ways, and more and more often?

We mightn’t be in the same office. We mightn’t even be in the same city. But even so, we’re having to work with, and get on with, more and more people.

But there’s a problem, or a challenge if you like. It’s that not everyone is good at working with other people. Not everyone behaves, communicates and performs in the best possible way.

This is where the concept of Best Practice Behaviour comes in. The three-pronged approach helps you create workplaces where staff work in harmony and always put their best foot forward. The result is a workplace which is efficient, productive and respectful.

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Master Tough Conversations

Some conversations are tough. Some because you have to ‘talk tough’. Some because it’s tough keeping the person on track, getting them to answer questions or getting them to make a decision. Some because it’s tough speaking to those above you or to those who mightn’t like what you have to say. And some, because it’s about a sensitive issue and one that’s likely to be upsetting.

But no matter what, Mark helps you master them. Mark helps you Master Tough Conversations and better still, helps you get the best result for all concerned.

On top of that, he’s developed some particular strategies using the art of diplomatic assertiveness to help you Speak up and say what needs to be said and to Speak to an employee and have them improve their behaviour or performance. 

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Stop Bad Behaviour and Deal with Difficult People   

Because Mark has spent plenty of time in the real world dealing with all sorts of people in all sorts of situations, he knows what works and what doesn’t.

Consequently, he’s developed a sure-fire three-step method for putting an end to bad behaviour and for dealing with difficult people. It’s full of strategies which are realistic, straight-forward and down-to-earth – and they work!

Mark’s also developed some special strategies to help you, for example, Manage customers who are rude, nasty or abusive and Respond to inappropriate comments, innuendo and put-downs.

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Mark also helps you:

Design and deliver presentations that inform, inspire & influence.

Do you have to give presentations as part of your job? Mark provides both public and in-house programs to help you develop the strategies and skills you need to deliver great presentations – ones that inform, inspire and influence.

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Help people develop skills by using role-plays that work.

Mark moved on from traditional role-plays a long time ago. And most people know why. Mark uses advanced role-plays techniques – Agent-Provocateur Role-Plays and its big cousin Real Life Rehearsals – because they work.

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Or are you after an:

Experienced facilitator, chairperson, host and rapporteur.

Do you need someone who can keep your meeting on track, on time and on target? Someone to help a group work together to produce a great set of ideas, a way forward or a business plan?

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