Hi. I’m Mark McPherson. I help you and your team develop Outstanding People Skills for Work, Home and Play.

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I help you, your staff and your colleagues:

Master Tough Conversations 

– How to deliver bad news, lay down the law, help an employee perform better, speak up, …. 

Remove Yourself From Risky Situations 

– Situations like when someone makes you feel uncomfortable, when serving a nasty customer, when expected to accept a lift with someone but they’ve been drinking, …. 

Put an End to Poor Behaviour and Deal with Difficult People  

– People who: don’t follow the rules, talk over you, say one thing and do another, backstab, put others down, make racist comments, are sexist, ….

The result is you’re more effective. And others notice. Your self-esteem goes up and you’re more highly regarded. You have a more respectful workplace. Staff are psychologically safe and work together in harmony.

I’m a speaker, trainer, coach and author and leave you with sets of practical and realistic principles, strategies and skills you can immediately use; as soon as you walk out the door!

I help you develop Personalised Conversation Scripts so you don’t just know what to say, you also know how to say it and when to say it. And when it comes to developing skills, I don’t waste your time with old fashioned role-plays. I use mode Behaviour Rehearsals.

I have the right qualifications and skills supported by over 45 years experience. I’ve been a team member, a team leader and a leader of team leaders. I’ve worked on the front line directly with the public, and more behind the scenes leading staff scattered across the state and dealing with community organisations, businesses and government departments.

My work covers the areas of Leadership, Management, Customer Service and Personal Relationships. And I work with you to develop a tailor-made solution to fit your particular needs. Here’s a sample of what I have on offer.

Make a good impression first time, every time

Tools, recipes and scripts for building relationships and making a great impression. How to get rid of ‘relationship wreckers’, speak to a work colleague, look great at a job interview, and whatever you’re after. More

Have staff work well together

xxx more

Master Tough Conversations

xxx more 

Speak up and say what needs to be said 

Assertiveness is a good thing but the art of combining diplomacy with assertiveness is better. More.

Handle sensitive & delicate Issues

It’s easy to put off having some types of conversations; but you have to have them sometime. How to handle everything form poor work performance to a personal issue to a family problem to … . Handling sensitive conversations is all about having the right script and the right way of delivering it.

Help an employee improve their performance 

…. More.

Deal with difficult people – for Managers, Leaders and Supervisors

How to handle, manage, cope with and deal with people who: interrupt you; talk over you; break commitments; ‘put you down’; make sarcastic remarks; are rude, discourteous or nasty; yell; bully; harass; are demanding; are belligerent; and are just plain difficult. More.

Deal with difficult people – for Frontline Staff

Delivering great customer service when the going gets tough requires particular strategies and skills. How to turn customers into advocates, manage complaints and much, much more.

Respond to inappropriate comments, innuendo and put-downs 

…. More

Deliver presentations that inform, inspire & influence

Do you have to give presentations as part of your job? Do you have to speak at an AGM, a staff meeting, a workshop, a ‘show and tell’, a conference or a wedding? Mark provides both public and in-house programs to help you develop the strategies and skills you need to deliver great presentations – ones that inform, inspire and influence.

The 11 Essential Visual Communication Skills – FREE online video series

Find out more

Teach any social or communication skill you like with role-plays that work

Mark has been using specialised role-plays and behaviour-rehearsals for over 35 years and is known as a role-play whiz kid. Mark helps teachers, trainers and other educators use advanced role-play techniques to teach any social skill they like – rights across the curriculum! More

 Help your teenagers say ‘no’ to a drunk driver, refuse the offer of a drink, ….

Mark has an impressive track record in the design and delivery of social skills programs and drug and alcohol education programs. He helps teenagers, and helps parents and teachers help teenagers, handle the real world of alcohol and say ‘no’ to a drunk driver, refuse to drink more than a planned limit, and much more.


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