Hi, I’m Mark McPherson. I help you get the best possible behaviour, communication and performance from people – at work, home and play.

We don’t expect people to be perfect. Of course not. But we do expect them to make an honest effort and do their best.

We expect them to be fair and play by the rules. We expect them to work well with others and help out. We expect them to be courteous and well-mannered. And if they make a mess, we expect them to clean it up – and without having to be asked.

If we want people to behave, communicate and ultimately perform in the best possible way, we need to put policies and programs in place. And we need to help people develop their knowledge and skills. And this is where I come in.

I’m a speaker, trainer, coach and author with over 40 years experience and work in the fields of leadership, management, customer service, teamwork, assertiveness, relationships and interpersonal communication.

I help you develop a workplace which is efficient, effective and productive. A place where morale and job satisfaction are high, and where stress is low. A place which is respectful and where people get on well with others and work as a team. I help you get it by helping you:

1. Have people always put their best foot forward

Getting the best from people starts with having the people we work with (up, down and sideways), our customers and clients, and our family and friends, always put their best foot forward.

Listen so people talk; and talk so people listen

To help people put their best foot forward, we need to be a great communicator. We need to build relationships, be great role models and be able ti inform, influence and inspire. We need to listen and truly listen. We need to use the ALEC technique, develop REAL-FLAIR, avoid Relationship Wreckers, and much much more. This website is currently being redeveloped. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The art of a good standard: How to reduce conflict, stress and frustration

One of the greatest sources of conflict between people is a standard which is open to interpretation. The result is some think they know what’s expected but find out they’re wrong, while others use the opportunity to interpret them any way they please. This is an opportunity for individuals and teams, for businesses, organisations and community groups, and for families, to gain clarity, get greater cooperation and increase productivity. Find out more. This website is currently being redeveloped. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The art of Best Practice Behaviour

Best Practice Behaviour is a three-step process to help us help people behave in the best possible way. It’s for individuals and teams. It’s for businesses, organisations, government departments and schools.  And it’s for community groups and families.  Find out more.  This website is currently being redeveloped. We apologize for the inconvenience.

2. Master Tough Conversations

Getting the best from people can sometimes involve having some tough conversations. These can be tough to think about having let alone actually have, tough to manage and keep on track, and tough to get the positive result we’re after.

Master Tough Conversations and get the best possible result for all concerned

Having a tough conversations isn’t hard. What’s hard is getting it right so the person listens, remains calm, understands and takes the action we want. And so we keep out emotions and stress under control, and we remain impeccable and beyond reproach. So I’ve put together a three-pronged model to help you get the best possible result for all concerned. It includes how to take control of the environment, how to take control of what’s said and how to take control of what you do and look like. Find out more.

Speak up and say what needs to be said

How to combine diplomacy with assertiveness, and combine the verbal, vocal and visual codes so you’re heard, you’re respected and people take note and act. Find out more.

Manage a performance review and get the change you’re after

How to prepare, document, be clear and concise, stay cool, calm and collected, be objective, debrief, destress and get the change you’re after. Find out more.

3. Put an end to bad behaviour and deal with difficult people

Getting the best from people can sometimes mean we have to help people who’ve ‘done the wrong thing’, get back on track. It means we sometimes have to implement strategies and have conversations to help people get back on track.

Deal with Difficult People – efficiently, effectively and ethically

Some behaviour simply isn’t good enough. It’s below the line, doesn’t make the grade and fails to meet our expectations. Call it unacceptable, unsatisfactory, inappropriate or just plain bad – it doesn’t matter. But what does matter is I can help you put an end to bad behaviour and help you deal with difficult people. And do it effectively, efficiently and ethically. Find out more.

Deliver great customer service even when the customer is rude and the going gets tough

How to look good, deliver great service, remain cool under pressure, know what’s important and what isn’t, be firm but tactful, handle complaints and be impeccable. Find out more.

Say ‘no’ to inappropriate comments, innuendos, harassment and put-downs

How to say ‘no’, make it clear what’s appropriate and what’s not, state your case, give examples without getting into trouble, and be beyond reproach. Find out more.

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