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How to Plan, Organise and Manage a Question and Answer Session. 

Are you thinking of running a Question & Answer session at conference or workshop? Or have a friend or colleague who’s thinking of running one?

Well first, here’s the good news. It’s pretty easy to run one. All you have to do is just ask if there are any questions. It’s not hard.

But now for the bad news. It’s also pretty easy to get very ordinary results. And it’s even pretty easy to have things not turn out near as good as you wanted.

Come on. Let’s be honest. We’ve all sat through these things and found no one wanted to ask a question. Or someone asked a question but it was fairly glib or really didn’t make much sense. Or worse still, someone really just wanted to have a bit of a rave or hear the sound of their own voice.

So if you’re going to have one, what you want of course is for it to not only run smoothly, but for it to also be interesting and valuable, and free of any hassles. Fair enough? .

So what can you do? What can you do before the session to make it the best it can be? And what can you do during it as well?

Well, luckily, there’s plenty you can do. And that’s why I write this short free resource. It’s an easy read. And surprise, surprise, it’s called:

“How to Plan, Organise and Manage a Question & Answer Session.”

Get your free resource ‘How to run a Q & A session’ here

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