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My keynotes relate to a range of themes including those of Leadership, Management, Customer Service, Team Building, Workplace Culture and Human Relationships. And it’s all because they’re about how to get the best possible behaviour, communication and performance from people – up, down and sideways. And you’ll be pleased to know I inform, I entertain and I inspire. And I leave audiences with strategies they can immediately use – as soon as they walk out the door.

What follows are some suggested titles for keynotes and other presentations. They can easily be tailored to suit your needs. Let’s have a chat about what you’re after and see if I fit the bill.

How to Master Tough Conversations – and get the best possible result for all concerned.

Some examples of titles for keynotes and other presentations:

  • The three key ingredients to mastering tough conversations.
  • Five things you can start doing now to make your tough conversations stick.
  • How to use personal conversation scripts to master the four main types of tough conversations.
  • How to speak up, say what needs to be said and make it stick.
  • Mastering tough conversations: what to say, how to say it, and what to do when you’re saying it.
  • How to deliver bad news without getting shot.

How To Deal With Difficult People – And Do It Effectively, Efficiently And Ethically.

Some examples of titles for keynotes and other presentations:

  • The 52 types of people who are poorly behaved and at time downright difficult: Recognise anyone?
  • The three things every difficult person has in common and what to do about them.
  • Mark’s top strategies for dealing with difficult people – the art of combining assertiveness with diplomacy.
  • How to tell someone their behaviour is unacceptable and get the behaviour you want.
  • The FEWER script – the ultimate assertiveness tool.

How To Create Workplaces Where People Put Their Best Foot Forward First Time, Every Time.

Some examples of titles for keynotes and other presentations:

  • Expectations, rules or ‘just the way we do things here’ – no matter what you call them, just get them right!
  • The 6 Universal Standards of Behaviour and how to make them stick.
  • How to help staff ‘do the right thing’ .
  • How to help that one ]rogue employ’ see the light.
  • Hw to help staff work together in harmony, and what to do if they don’t.
  • How to step up to and embrace the world of Best Practice Behaviour.


How To Build Better Relationship With The Art Of REAL-FLAIR

or:  have the best People Skills and Interpersonal Communication Skills you can possibly have.

Examples of possible titles for keynotes and other presentations:

  • How to Master the Art of REAL-FLAIR.
  • Four amazing, yet simple, non-verbal techniques for building relationships and getting your message across.

The Learning And Development Dilemma: Use What Works Best, Or Go With What’s Popular?

Examples of possible titles for keynotes and other presentations:

  • The Learning and Development Dilemma: use what works best, or go with what’s popular?
  • What if you learned the way most of design and deliver our programs was didn’t get the best possible results; would you consider changing?
  • What the research literature tells us about ‘block learning’ versus ‘mixed learning’ and why it matters to your shareholders.

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