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I help you create the workplace you want

I help you create a workplace which is efficient, effective and productive. A place where staff, colleagues and customers, behave, communicate and perform in the best possible way. And where morale and  job satisfaction are high, and where stress is low.

I help you create a workplace which is respectful. A place where staff always put their best foot forward, get on well with others and work as a team.

And where staff confidently and easily handle tricky, challenging and difficult conversations, difficult interactions and difficult people.

And this is how 

I work with two main groups

I work with two distinct yet interconnected groups. The first is CEOs, managers and business owners.

The second is frontline staff – those dealing with customers and clients – such as the general public – face-to-face and on the phone.

Standards, Strategies and skills

I help you and/or your staff and if necessary, the whole organisation, develop the policies, standards and programs needed to first promote good behaviour and second deal with poor behaviour if it occurs.

And I help you and/or your staff develop sets of practical interpersonal communication strategies, and the necessary diplomatic assertiveness skills to deliver the strategies in the real world.

Speaker, Trainer, Coach & Author

I’m a speaker, trainer, coach and author with over 40 years experience. I work in the fields of leadership, management, team building, workplace culture, customer service, employee engagement, people skills, interpersonal communication and human relationships.

I speak at conferences and seminars, and deliver presentations at workshops and re meetings. I train people in both in-house and public workshops and Learning & Development programs, and by producing articles and videos. I coach people one-on-one and in small groups, and face-to-face, by phone and by email.

I’m realistic, practical and down-to-earth. And I leave my audiences with plenty of principles, strategies and skills they can immediately use – as soon as they walk out the door!

Three main ‘topics’

1. Help staff & customers live up to, embrace and showcase  Best Practice Behaviour.

Let’s face it; prevention is better than cure. Or at least ‘early intervention to put out a few misdemeanours’ is better than ‘treating some major bad behaviour down the track’. And this is where Best Practice Behaviour comes in.

It’s a concept, it’s a process and it’s a result. There are three main steps toBest Practice Behaviour and they help you produce a workplace which is efficient, productive and respectful. A place where people are civil, work together in harmony and always put their best foot forward. 

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2. Master Tough Conversations and get the best possible result for all concerned.

To get the best behaviour, the best communication and the best performance from people, we sometimes have to have some tough conversationsBut having them is only half the battle. The real battle is getting the result we’re really after. And the result we’re after is, or at least should be, getting the best possible result for all concerned. 

And this is what Mastering Tough Conversations is all about. It includes developing Personal Conversation Scripts for your partiiculr needs and for situations like how to Speak up and Say what needs to be said and how to Talk to an employee and have them improve their behaviour or performance.

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3. Stop Bad Behaviour and Deal with Difficult People

Some behaviour simply isn’t good enough. It’s below the line, doesn’t make the grade and fails to meet our expectations. Call is unacceptable, unsatisfactory, inappropriate or just plain bad – it doesn’t matter because we know what you mean.

But what does matter is I can help you put an end to it and I can help you deal with difficult peopleAnd for example Handle customers who are rude, nasty or abusive and Respond to inappropriate comments, innuendo and put-downs.

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(Download an annotated list of Mark’s 52 types of difficult people by clicking here.)

(Download a list of Mark’s strategies for dealing with difficult people by clicking here.)

I don’t use old fashioned role-plays

Some trainers and coaches, and teachers, are still using old style and old fashioned role-plays. I gave them up in the 80’s because they’re not realistic and don’t help people practice what they actually need to practice. In short, they’re a failure.

I use Agent-Provocateur Role-Plays. And I use them because they give you the results you’re after

I help you create your own Personal Conversation Scripts 

A list of strategies is fine. But I go a few steps further.

  • First, my strategies are realistic, practical and down-to-earth – and they work in the real world where they need to.
  • Second, many of my strategies involve the use of scripts – which give you the words to use and in what order for maximum effect.
  • Third, I help you develop your own Personal Conversation Scripts which are ready-to-use scripts tailored to your specific needs.

You and your staff walk away with exactly what to say to whom and when.

Need something else?

How to design and deliver presentations that inform, inspire & influence

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And to top it off, in case you need one, Mark is:

Do you need an experienced facilitator, chairperson, host and rapporteur?

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