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You want your business or organisation to be a great place to work. A place where staff interact and communicate in the best possible way, and perform at their best. And a place which is respectful and where morale is high.

And if you’re like most CEOs, managers, business owners and consultants, you’re almost there – but you also know there’s always room for improvement. And this is where Mark can help.

Mark is a speaker, trainer, coach and author with over 40 years experience. He works in the areas of leadership, management, team building, workplace culture, customer service, employee engagement, people skills, interpersonal communication and human relationships.

Mark’s affectionately known as The Tough Conversations Guy® and he’ll leave you with plenty of principles, strategies and skills you can immediately use – as soon as you walk out the door! Mark’s helps you produce your own Personal Conversation Scripts – tailored to your specific needs and based on the principle of Diplomatic Assertiveness.

And, when it comes to skill development, Mark doesn’t waste your time with old-style role-plays. Mark uses advanced role-plays and behaviour-rehearsals such as Agent-Provocateur Role-Plays  which really put the ‘icing on the cake’.

Mark helps you:

Have staff showcase the ideals of Best Practice Behaviour

Best Practice Behaviour helps you create places where staff always put their best foot forward and where they behave, communicate, and ultimately perform, in the best possible way. The result is efficiency, productivity and respect. Read more.

Master Tough Conversations

Mark helps you Master Tough Conversations and get the best possible result for all concerned. And he helps you master them for some particular situations. For example, he helps you Speak up and say what needs to be said and Talk to an employee and have them improve their behaviour or performance.

Stop Bad Behaviour and Deal with Difficult People

Mark helps you put an end to bad behaviour and deal with difficult people. And for example  Handle customers who are rude, nasty or abusive  and Respond to inappropriate comments, innuendo and put-downs.

And Mark also helps you: 

Design and deliver presentations that inform, inspire & influence; 

Design and deliver role-plays that workand 

Relax knowing your event is being conducted by an experienced facilitator, chairperson, host and rapporteur.

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