Personal Conversation Scripts

tailored to your specific needs

Let’s be blunt.

A lot of ‘strategies’ on how to deal with people, how to improve your interpersonal communication skills and the like, are simply not very good. Yes, they can seem okay – at least at first. But on close inspection they fail to pass what Mark likes to call the ‘Are they workable in the real world? test’.

Some are actually bad advice. Not only are they unlikely to work, they’re likely to get you into a bit of trouble. It’s like whoever thought of them had never actually been in the real world and met real people. But most aren’t going to cause harm – they’re simply unlikely to work.

Some of them are based on assumptions and guesswork about what is the underlying reasons for someone’s behaviour. Assumptions for which there is no rational basis.

Some won’t get the results we’re after because they fail to hit home – they fail to make the point we need to make.

And many are way too general – they’re what we sometimes call ‘parenthood statements’. Yes, we need to talk to them. And yes, we need to tell them their behaviour is unacceptable. But the issue is how? What do we need to say? What words need to come out our mouth? And what should we look like and how should we act when we say them?

Scripts for you to tailor to your needs

So this is why Mark invented strategies like ANATOMICAL®, FEA and FEWER® and AIMs™. These are acronyms and they form the basis of powerful scripts which can be adapted and tailored to suitu individual needs and situations.

Mark helps you convert these scripts into your own Personal Conversation Scripts. These don’t just give you the words. They give you: what to say; how to say it; in what order to say it; when to say it; and what to do and what to look like when you’re saying it.

And the reason is so you can have the best chance of success.

But wait; there’s more.

The ‘icing on the cake’ is that Mark uses Agent Provocateur Role-Plays® and Real-Life Rehearsals®. These are very different to the traditional types of role-plays and behaviour rehearsals and Mark uses them to make sure that you have the skills to deliver your scripts and cope with all the obstacles, comebacks and twists and turns that can be thrown at you in the real world.

Where to from here?

So contact Mark and tell him about the sort of help you’re after.

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