The best Non-Verbal techniques

The Vocal Code and the Visual Code

Scripts give you a head start

Most tough conversations and a lot of strategies for getting the best from people and for dealing with difficult people, involve interpersonal communication – or more specifically speaking to someone face-to-face.

One of the things I pride myself on is going the extra mile and not just giving you general information about what to say or what to talk about but giving you actual scripts to help you do your very best.

What you get with these scripts – such as the FEWER script – are what words to say and in what order to say them. Better still, you can then turn these into your very own Personal Conversations Scripts tailored to your specific needs and your way of doing things.

Now having these scripts is terrific because they make it easy for you and they increase your chance of success when you’re saying what you need to say. But lets go further.

Verbal, vocal and visual

When you speak, you basically have three codes of communication operating.One is the verbal code – which is the actual words that come out your mouth.

The second is the vocal code – which is how you sound. And the third is the visual code – which is what you do and what you look like. For convenience, these two are often grouped together and called the non-verbal code.

The three codes are all important. And you should really work on all three if you want to give yourself the best chance of getting the best possible results.

Through some handy hints, sets of principles, scripts and Personal Conversation Scripts, you’ve got the verbal code covered. But you’ll be pleased to know I also help you the vocal code and the visual code.

Vocal and visual

I don’t want to make this too complicated. Although I’ve said all three codes are important, I’ve seen a few people get a little carried away with this and I want to remain realistic and practical – a bit down-to-earth if you like.

Having said that, I help you, your colleagues and your team get the most from your vocal code. I help you ensure the Character in your voice, the Continuity in what you say, the Clarity of what you say and your Colour (your pace, pitch, pauses and power) help you not only say what you need to say but ensure the person takes note, listens and follows.

And I also help you with the visual code. I help you with what to do – and not do as the case might be – with your body, your shoulders, your head, your arms, your face and your eyes. This is to help you have the greatest and most appropriate impact.

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