Facilitator, Chairperson, MC, Host

Are you after someone who can:

  • keep your meeting on track, on time and on target?
  • keep you session moving and keep people motivated?
  • be friendly and warm (and if appropriate, a little entertaining) but at the same time be completely professional?
  • has plenty of tricks up his sleeve to help everyone make a contribution and make sure no one dominates?
  • has some great strategies and techniques to help a group work together to produce a great set of ideas, a way forward or a business plan without resorting to old fashioned ’brainstorms’?

Then contact Mark because he has a wealth of experience in facilitating meetings, workshops, brainstorm sessions and strategic planning events.


Mark is highly experienced in helping individuals, teams and organisations come together and discuss ideas, review progress and look to the future.  He has a long track record in helping groups develop coherent and workable plans. Mark helps the group generate ideas and direction in an efficient and orderly manner. The result are realistic strategic plans, business plans, work plans and project plans, tailored to your needs.


Mark has extensive experience as the chair (chairperson or chairman if you prefer) of meetings. He has chaired meetings involving different mixes of internal and external stakeholders, different numbers of people and with people who are pretty much at loggerheads. As the chair, Mark combines the need to be assertive with the need to be understanding and diplomatic.

Master of Ceremonies (MC) or Host

Need someone to make sure your workshop, conference or other professional learning event goes according to plan? Mark is a highly accomplished host and Master of Ceremonies – MC or emcee if you like. He has plenty of strategies for helping audiences feel comfortable and be engaged. He knows how to welcome guests, lead the applause and ‘move things along’. Mark does his homework, quickly knows the audience, understand the needs of speakers and ensures that events run smoothly and on time.

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