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Hi, I’m Mark McPherson. Every week for 52 weeks I post a blog about of one of my 52 types of poorly behaved and difficult people. My first blog in the series was on the 22nd of March 2016.

This week, my blog is about Type 13: The Digresser.

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#13. The Digresser. 

My blog for this week is in the form of a video. That’s it. No blog post other than a short video. And when I say short, I mean short. It’s only 2 minutes and 21 seconds from start to finish.

There are a few reasons there’s only a video.

First, some Types lend themselves very well to a video.  And The Digresser is one of them.

Second, some of the people who’ve been following the blogs have said they find the videos really convenient.

Third, I’m really busy this week and writing the words for these blogs is a lot more time-consuming than many people realize. And definitely more time-consuming than I thought they’d be. So trying to get them finished on time each week is a struggle. So this week, I thought I’d be kind to myself and just do the video. I hope that’s okay.

So here’s the video. I have no doubt you’ve met a few Digressers in your time. They’re frustrating that’s for sure.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video.

Until next time, all the very best.


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