Mark McPherson | Behaviour, Communication & Performance
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Hi, I’m Mark McPherson and I help people:

1. Master tough conversations.

Some conversations are tough because we have to ‘lay down the law’. Some because they’re hard to get started and hard to keep on track. Some because we have to speak to someone in authority. And some because it’s a sensitive topic and likely to be upsetting. But even so, we can all master them so not only do we say what needs to be said, we also get the best possible result for all concerned. It’s all about taking control of the Conditions, the Scripts and how they’re Delivered.

2. Stop bad behaviour & deal with difficult people.

There’s plenty of material out there on helping you deal with difficult people. But the simple reality is this: it’s disappointing. Sometimes it’s vague. Sometimes it’s way too general. And sometimes it’s just bad. So I developed a set of ‘top strategies’ which are clear, straightforward and work. And set them in a three-pronged approach: Nail the violation; Tailor the ‘top strategies’; and Personalise your approach.

3. Always put their best foot forward.

The world is getting more complicated, not less. We’re interacting with more people, in more ways and more often than we’ve ever done before. So it’s more important than ever that we cooperate with others and ‘do the right thing’. But there’s a problem. Humans aren’t always good it. They need help. They need help so they can put their best foot forward – first time, every time. They need help so they can step up to and embrace Best Practice Behaviour.

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