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’52 types of badly behaved and difficult people – an annotated list’

Mark Helps You:

Deal with difficult people and do it efficiently, effectively & ethically.


How to deal with people who: Don’t pull their weight; Create problems and expect others to fix them; Lie; Are racist or sexist; Do their own thing and treat the rules as a joke; Don’t do what they said they’d do; and ….. well, you get the drift.

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Master tough conversations and get the best possible result for all concerned.  


How to: Raise and resolve sensitive issues; Speak up and say what needs to be said; Deliver news which is unlikely to be well received; Manage tricky performance reviews; and much much more.

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Help staff communicate, interact and behave in the best possible way.


How to help staff: Communicate with flair; Be professional yet friendly; Interact in the best possible way; Cooperate and work as a team; Be assertive but also diplomatic; Play fair and play by the rules; and Perform at their very best.

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